Yum Yum

Chocolate Pasta

With chocolate in the sauce, this pasta is comfort food seductively saying “I love you.” Continue reading


Spring Detox Challenge begins April 22nd

Awakening to Spring, sensing all of nature come alive, and feeling yourself one with that renewal ~ isn’t a joy? Our upcoming Spring Clean 21 Day Challenge captures that joy… Continue reading


Dressing Up with Cardamom

What do you feel like eating these days? After all the cake, cookies, bread, rich foods and sweet drinks? I don’t know about you, but in between the holiday celebrations I want plain and simple: simple to make, simple to eat and, … Continue reading


Food Therapy: Healing Kichari

This past weekend we taught the first of three Intensives in our long-awaited ~ at least long-awaited by us ~ 100-hour Vedic Yoga Therapy Training. I say “long-awaited” because Yoga-as-therapy is what we do. Both my husband and I enjoy … Continue reading