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When love flows from the heart life is transformed. What is love? It is the life force itself, the God within, the God without, the omnipresent God, a force which is the divine power and the very basis of the universe and everything in it. – S.S.S.B

Gathering dinner after an afternoon swim with friends, Lake Como, Italy

Hi. My name is Laura Plumb and I have been practicing and living by Ayurvedic Medicine for more than fifteen years now. In my work I have found that the greatest need most people have is for real, true, deep and enduring nourishment.

Nature is solid comfort, and nourishing in so many ways. It inspires us with beauty; engages our senses with aromas, colors, tastes; offers us places to play, run free; and its rhythms help restore us. Of course, nature gives us the healthiest food available to sustain vitality and strength, and it is intelligent enough to provide seasonally varying harvests to balance us through the wax and wane of each year.

This blog is a collection of whole food, plant-based, nourishing recipes, ideas, photographs and links to help feed you ~ with a gentle reminder that throughout time, and now more than ever, the best medicine always has been nature’s nourishment. I invite you to join me in celebrating “Mother’s Medicine” by registering to receive Food: A Love Story for free. Just pop your email address in above on the right and you will receive three or four new recipes each month. Please share your thoughts, advice and experience, too, so together we can restore health and wellness to our world.

Ayurveda is not a food system or trend. It is not Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Paleo or any system per se. Ayurveda is a science that recognizes each individual is unique and has unique needs. Vegan may work for one person, but not for another. The same is true for Raw, or Paleo, or any nutritional approach. What’s best is what’s best for you. Ayurveda helps you determine that.

What everyone seems to agree on nowadays is that plants, nature’s beauty and bounty, should form the basis of your diet.  The recipes on this site are therefore, whole food, plant-based, and mostly gluten-free. There are many, many Vegan recipes here, too; however, Ayurvedic nourishment has traditionally included milk and ghee for its cooling, tonifying benefits. Look for the post, Are You Vegan (or Paleo),  for options to replace milk and ghee in these recipes.

If you would like to learn what Ayurveda can do for you, or schedule an appointment, please contact me here.

I wish you good health and a sumptuous life!

Namaste ~


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Laura’s article for Escape

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“When it’s opened from a package, it’s food. But when it is prepared specially for you, it’s Love.”  ~ Bhava


16 thoughts on “The Love Story

  1. Hi Laura, It was simply wonderful seeing you today. I love the opportunity to be aware of your Food: A Love Story and would like to be kept abreast of additions. Am also happy to promote it in any way that I can:)

    • Thank you, Rose! It is a work-in-progress for now. I’ll keep you posted as it develops, but check back now and again, please. I’d love your feedback. Lots of love ~

  2. Laura,
    I’m excited about trying these recipes. The stuffing you brought today was so wonderful. I will be making that as a take along dish this holiday season!
    I will keep checking in for new recipes.

    • We love your Sacred Journey Yoga Studio. It is Heaven at the top of a mountain. It feels like a new source for the Ganges – a place to renew in the healing waters of love. Thank you, Dianne.

  3. Hi Laura,

    It was wonderful to share a meal with you and our “yogi family” on Sunday.
    Here is the guacamole recipe, it’s pretty simple.

    Six small ripe Haas Avacados
    One lemon
    One garlic clove
    Himalayan Salt

    Slice avacados and place in a medium size bowl. Cut lemon in half and sqeeze one half onto the avacado. Press fresh garlic into the mixture, add cumin and himalyan salt to taste. Mash ingredients together with a potato masher.


    • Thank you, Amy. This was the most delicious Guacamole we have ever had, and we are devoted Guacamole lovers. Endless love to you ~

    • Thank you, Sandy, for having a look. I know you are a great cook, and have learnt many delicious Indian recipes yourself. I’d love to collect favorites from friends and Yogis, so if you are inspired, please post a delicious Vegetarian dish. I’ll create a special category of Divine Friends’ Recipes.

      Thank you ~

  4. Hi Laura,
    I am learning how to embrace loving my body. I have begun taking greater care of the things that I eat and notice when I am having the urge to eat things that don’t support my body and health. I have recently lost over 45 pounds. It wasn’t until I re-worded one of my top five passions that this began to occur. Old passion: Enjoying perfect health from the inside out. New passion: Enjoying perfect health from the inside AND out. In that one word, I found new meaning and a new sense of being with my body. I am still learning along this journey. Thanks for being out there in the world.

    • Hello Dear Cheryl! It is wonderful to hear from you. As we are planning to go to India in February, you have been in my heart… wondering if we might meet there again.

      Your new passion, and the resultant meaning you found in it, is inspiring. Thank you for sharing that. What a joy to feel good in the body, our sacred vessel of Divine Consciousness.

      Wishing you happiness in your Winter Wonderland, and hope to see you soon.

      Thanks for posting ~

  5. Hi Laura,
    I read about a Spring detoxification cooking class you are holding in San Diego on April 3 from Sally’s Place newsletter and am looking for more info on that. Thank you! Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl,

      We have just returned from India so I apologize for the delay in responding.

      Yes, I am offering a Spring Detox Nutrition and Cooking Class in Coronado on April 3 from 11 am to 2 pm. Are you interested?

  6. not only do i love the style/ look /feel of your blog and the name, and I also love the fact that whenever I have been on there, everything that I am looking for, everything my body is asking for, but isnt sure exactly what to ask for.. is right there. you are one step ahead 🙂 I loved your Christmas menu, eggnog lassi, stoking the fires, the new years cleanse. I cannot wait to keep reading more.

    absolutely beautiful 🙂 xo ~ lisa

  7. I just came across your blog and have been reading the comments…you have some of the loveliest and most authentic responses I have ever read. I just wanted to share that with you, always beautiful to encounter such light:)

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