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I am temporarily on sabbatical – writing, and travelling to lecture and teach internationally – so am not offering Ayurveda classes just now. I plan to be back teaching full time again in 2017. In the meanwhile, I offer you my VedaCleanse series on Life Mantra TV to inspire your most sacred, sumptuous life. 


Ayurvedic Winter Cleanse

Are you ready for a Winter Detox?

This hearty, whole food 10 for 10 gives you recipes, a meal plan and Ayurvedic wisdom to create your own, at home gentle cleanse that encourages the inner fires that burn off winter’s cold, heaviness and stagnation.

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Just a reminder, dear friends, that these Cleanses are my own design based on decades of deep, detailed and extensive research. I ask that protocol around intellectual copyright and ownership be respected. Thank you.


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