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Thanksgiving Revisited

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner with its feast of flavorful comfort foods? As a vegetarian I have been experimenting with healthy, delicious ways to update this traditional meal for many years now, without wanting to deviate much from its warm, grounding staples. At the … Continue reading

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Expanding Light: Feast of Retreat

Three Vegetarian recipes ~ Chef Jake’s Veggie Roast, Zucchini Boats, and Walnut Meatballs ~ from the Expanding Light Retreat Center in the Sierras provide Autumn’s perfect comfort. Continue reading

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Persian Cucumber Salad

Summer is finishing up with a fury here in San Diego, so I made a big heat-reducing salad to go with Friday’s picnic of Thai noodles and curry.  Inspiration came from Stephanie Weaver, of Recipe Renovator, who invited me for lunch … Continue reading

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Sally’s “Fish,” Chips and Vegan Tacos

My friend Sally has a beautiful blog called Home Sweet Orange where she writes about the beautiful things she loves, especially her love for the sweet, simple life she and her husband share. Her post on Vegan “Fish,” Chips and Tacos was … Continue reading


Spring Clean | Cilantro Detox Pesto

Imagine sunflowers floating on rafts on a pond. Then imagine that there are many ponds ~ sunflower rafts as far as your eye can see. Then imagine these sunflowers are growing on rafts in ponds that surround the Chernobyl nuclear site … Continue reading