Snowball Truffles + Gifts of Mindfulness & Beauty Balm Giveaway

A holiday play on an Ayurvedic classic, these treats are perfect for this season. They are full of rejuvenative, Ojas-building, Vata-pacifying, and Agni-stimulating ingredients that, like any Ayurvedic formula, is more than the sum of its parts. As well as amping up your health, this recipe will score at parties, because they are so darling, so creamy, and so much of mother earth’s love melting in your mouth. Continue reading

Yum Yum

To Russia, with Love: Shchi Cabbage Soup

I thought I’d start Six Tasting the World with an Ayurvedically aligned meal from France, or Italy, or Switzerland even, given that we begin in winter. I dreamt of “visiting” (in my kitchen, of course) places that call to us … Continue reading