Healthy Breakfast Crepes

By far, the most popular posts on my blog are either recipes for better sleep, or recipes for a better reason to wake up from that sleep. It is not much of a surprise then, that when I asked friends on social media to vote on which recipe from my book they’d like to see next, these breakfast crepes were the hands-down winner.

I love this because the deeply devoted, amazingly accomplished, and brilliantly creative Sarah Kucera has generously shared the recipe excerpt on her blog. So I am going to encourage you to click this link to get the recipe on her site. That way, everyone is a winner.

Kichari in a pancake? Yes, these surprisingly hearty crepes are made from a batter of fermented mung and rice. That makes life super easy as all you have to do is whip together a simple batter in the evening, and wake up to ladle into a hot pan for a healthy breakfast that is perfect with yogurt, fruit compote or your favorite nut butter.


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I hope you enjoy making these breakfast crepes. You’ll find many more of these simple recipes in my new book which I hope helps make your food a love story every day.

Thank you always. xo


2 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Crepes

  1. Laura:

    Thank you again for helping to make cooking healthy so easy. I feel the Love used to create this simple recipe. I will try this one soon to see how my husband likes it. I am thrilled with the entire cookbook, you have a winning combination with easy and delicious recipes.

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