8 Most Loved Recipes For A Healthy New Year

It is often a surprise to see which recipes are popular – from the Deep Sleep Tonic posted years ago to the simple soup above. I wonder if it constitutes a theme? Ayurvedic comfort food?

In a world that is ceaselessly spinning, infinitely dynamic, excitingly, invitingly delicious and demanding, a home cooked meal is one place where we can hit pause, stop and smell the spices, and savor a steaming bowl of mother nature’s nourishing love. That’s comforting, and really, it’s what Ayurvedic cooking is all about.

This year I plan to build on the posts that struck a chord with you, so please pop in a comment below if there are special topics, recipes or Ayurvedic kitchen wisdom you would like to see. And let us know your favorite way to reset in the new year, which I hope is gloriously, deliciously wonderful.

Detox Dal: This simple winter soup has been an all star favorite. Made with three basic ingredients: split mung bean, carrots and chard, it’s easy to make, easy to digest, and easy to love. Get the recipe.

Mung Beans and Greens: A play on the Detox Dal, this bowl of greens and beans uses whole mung beans, and a varietyy of greens. The post includes a plan for a 1, 2 or 3 day gentle detox, or winter reset, with this recipe at its heart. Get the recipe.

Every Day Kichari: It seems to me that if food is love, Kichari comes straight from the unconditional heart. With sautéed fresh broccoli, chopped carrots, a bit of yellow onion and slivered almonds in a “salt and asafoetida ghee,” this is a flavorful bowl of steaming nourishment. Get the recipe.

Karen Mordechai Sunday Suppers’s Breakfast Picnic

Great Breakfasts: Breakfast Recipes seem to be popular. Are we looking for delicious inspiration to wake up to? Or is it that breakfast is the one meal each day where we get to lavishly combine sweet and savoury, as in pancakes and hash, and we want to do it with gusto? Whatever the reason, this post has 8 delicious healthy recipes to start your day with taste. Get the recipes.

Rose Petal Truffles: Hibiscus flower juice, or Rosa de Jamaica, gives these truffles a deep rosy hue. When covered in rose petals, it’s a confetti carnival of love. Get the recipe.

Deep Sleep Tonic: A simple recipe to encourage deep sleep, this tonic builds Ojas, meaning it is rejuvenating, nurturing, calming, grounding. That makes it Vata and Pitta pacifying. In other words, whenever you feel space-y, scattered, restless, impatient, irritable, or just can’t let it go, sip this tonic and slip into a warm stream of sweet slumber.  Get the recipe.

In the New Year (late February/early March) I will be taking a group to India and visiting Dr Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya Farm in the Doon Valley, as well as enjoying Ayurveda, Yoga and visits to Goddess temples in the Himalayas. Would you like to learn more about these ancient sciences and their sacred source? It is going to be magical and we’d love for you to be with us. Learn about the trip.I wish you a Happy New Year! 


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  1. Happy New Year Laura! Thank you for sharing these receipes in one place! I was searching for a few of these from previous winter cleanses and this is just perfect to begin the new year. I wish you a wonderful journey to India …I know all who attend will be touched and transformed by the experience. In peace, Karen

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