Ayu Beauty + Make Your Own Mask + 3 Giveaways

Guest post from the terrifically magical and bodaciously bella Tiziana Boccaletti, the creative genius behind Aromavedic.

As a creative being and lover of Beauty, my deepest wish is to help people connect with the source of their own Divine Beauty while expressing it authentically.

How in the world do I do this? Luckily for me, I have a much trusted guide: Nature! With Her universal and unifying intelligence, Nature provides a clear blueprint not only for me, but for all of us to follow in order to find harmony, health, happiness: all those things many of us call “Beauty”.

What is Beauty for you? Throughout history, the concept of Beauty has been defined in many different ways, yet a solid, unchangeable core persists. What is that core for you?

Ayurveda, the knowledge of Nature’s intelligence, shares a new/old vision  that honors the interconnection between what the seminal Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita calls the Three Pillars of Beauty. It is important to understand that they work together synergistically and holistically (or whol-istically). These three pillars are like building blocks that form the intelligent foundation of what we call Ayurvedic Beauty Care.

The first pillar is Roopam, which you can describe in two words: outer beauty, or simply the beauty we see in day-to-day life. At the physical level, this is your outer skin, its glow and luster.

The second pillar is the inner beauty: Gunam. Inner Beauty is what radiates literally from the inside out, the attractive charisma that glows from within.

Together, they support the third pillar, which is Vayastyag or lasting beauty. Vayastyag includes not only the concept of “aging,” but also how to retard and reverse aging. Then again, there is psychological aging, biological aging and social aging.

What is crucial to understand here, is how the three pillars rely on each other in a cooperative way. It is a model for how the entire human body and the entire Universe work together, constantly supporting what is good, what is whole, what is natural – in the sense of aligned with the organizing intelligence of Nature.

The Ayurvedic definition of Beauty goes even deeper. Although the two terms are not related etymologically, Beauty, Ayurvedically speaking, is much closer to the term beatitude and includes the notion of Bliss.

From Charak, “Roopam, gunam, vayastyag, iti subhanga karanam.”

In the words “subhanga karanam,” “subha” means auspicious, “anga” means the body’s parts, and “karanam” is transformation.

Beauty is then what transforms the whole body and makes it auspicious. When all of your cells are bathed in the recognition of your Divine Nature, you not only feel blissful, but you also radiate a Beauty for all to enjoy, and this Beauty inspires and transforms.

Science has shown that a healthy cell is what we would call a “beautiful” cell, a cell filled with harmony and symmetry (symmetry is important to beauty/babies coo at symmetrical faces). What is the first thing that occurs when cells are turning cancerous? Yes, there is the loss of that innate intelligence that comes from consciousness, but if we were to observe this under a microscope we would see that the first feature that changes in a visible way is the cell’s loss of harmony, symmetry, beauty. Hence, there is no difference between beauty and health.

In the end, this is the power of Beauty: to transform us so that we can inspire others to transform. This is how we feel when we are in the company of babies or puppies. We feel the Joy of their Beauty awakening our own inner Joy, Bliss, Beauty, nudging us to open our hearts and shine our light forth!

How can we harness Nature’s Intelligence in our daily lives?

As Autumn progresses, we long for the warm embrace of our Mother. We crave deep nourishment and nurturing. We reach for socks, sweaters and a comforting cup of Chai.

This is a time to take a deeper look at our skin, our largest organ that literally holds us together with love while helping us digest all sense impressions coming from both our inner and outer world. Our lovely skin breathes and eats, so feed it properly. Our skin mirrors our internal environment and shows us where attention might be needed on the inside (yes, it is usually our digestive system!). Everything we apply on the skin goes quickly into our circulatory system. As Ayurveda teaches, transdermal delivery is a great opportunity to take “medicine” into the body via the skin without overburdening the digestive system. On your skin, use only what you would ingest.

Now, take a look at yourself in the mirror. At the beginning of Fall, retained heat from the Summer months can exacerbate the dryness of Vata. This interplay of Pitta and Vata sets the stage for the many skin issues popping up during Fall. As a result, it is important to both relieve heat and dryness with substances that fall under the category of demulcents. Many of these substances come straight from your kitchen cupboard. A favorite of mine is oats (I use gluten-free). Here’s why.

Here is a recipe that includes ingredients from your kitchen cupboard, plus a few special Ayurvedic herbs and spices, to help you nourish your skin and warm your Soul.

Tizi’s Nourishing Face Mask

1/2 cup finely ground gluten free oats
1 tablespoon finely ground almond meal
¼ teaspoon turmeric (powerful anti-inflammatory)
1 pinch of fresh lime or lemon zest (brightening)
1 teaspoon Brahmi/Gotu Kola (enhances collagen synthesis)
1 teaspoon Amalaki (anti oxidant rich to repair Sun damage)


1 tsp. Manjistha (lymph system cleanser)
1 tsp. Guduchi (rejuvenative for Vata and Pitta)
¼ tsp. Bhumyamalaki (promotes healthy skin)
¼ tsp. Neem (antibacterial)

Vata: Mix with warm whole milk until a paste is obtained. Wash after a few minutes when mask is still a little wet.

Pitta: Mix with Organic Aloe Gel (my preferred brand is Lakewood) and warm water if needed. Allow to dry on the skin if so desired.

Kapha: Mix with organic, unheated, raw honey. Allow to dry completely on the face if so desired.

Giveaway: To three readers, Tizi is offering a gift of her Aromavedic ILLUMINATE Powder – a 3-in-1 cleanser/exfoliant/mask containing flowers, roots, herbs and a beautiful powdered pearl. “For even more radiance,” she says. Just leave us a note below letting us know how you connect to your beauty everyday.

Thanks Tizi, and all. Sending love and big hugs from la bell’Italia, Tizi’s home country.



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  1. I love this post. Beauty starts at the core and comes out. Every morning when I wake up, I spend 5-mins snuggling with my kittens, taking in their healing vibrational purrs, then I walk out to the garden and sit quietly for a few minutes, to ease into the morning. It’s very grounding and only take a few minutes to tap into my inner beauty, so it can radiate out.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful article! I use Aveda serums and creams for my face, and I meditate twice for up to 15 minutes every day to connect to my inner beauty and higher self.

  3. Hello beautiful ladies,
    I work in the clothing business with beautiful fabrics and shapes. I get pleasure from dressing women and helping them see their own beauty. I also connect with beauty through my native plant garden and the hummingbirds whizzing through it. I’m not sure, but sometimes suspect that beauty is powerful enough to help build and sustain our ojas. What do you think? And yes, I would love to try the Illuminate Powder!

  4. Hi, thank you for including the reference to the Chakra Samhita Three Pillars of Beauty. This is a simple yet profound explanation of Ayuredic Beauty Care. Over the past few months I have been using quality oil from Banyan Botanical to cleanse my face in the morning and evenings, this plus Abhyanga have become my daily beauty routine for the skin. I have also noticed how closly connected my diet is to the health and appearance of my hair, nails and skin. Nature is so very wise in all of her glory!

  5. Lovely article! I give thanks each day for my many blessings, and thank my ancestors who have passed on – parents, grandparents. – for all they have given me. I listen to the birds sing, feel the sun on my face and feel my heart fill with the amazing grace of nature. On the outside, oil body massages are pretty blissful!


  6. Sitting by the bay each morning with Chai that I mix each morning depending on my balancing needs, I massage myself with Mahanarayan Oil and then meditate with breath work. Love your words. xoxo

  7. Beautiful article! I connect with my beauty daily with heart opening and meditation. Surrender is the space where beauty emerges and continues to flow through my day.
    Beauty to and through you lovely ladies of the heart!❤️

      • Kate, you are a beautiful shining Sunflower…that is what I see every time your name pops up. I see your garden and your Sunflowers. They are you and you are them…

        • 🌻🌻🌻A wonderful association indeed!🌻🌻🌻
          And you, are the magical flower goddess herself, incarnate in all blossoms and blooms! 🌷🌸🌹🌺🥀🌻🌼💐

      • And yours as well! You have been my Ayurvedic muse! Amazing how life deepens and delivers us through nature’s bounty!

  8. Beauty for me is always found in the foundational connection to mother earth and father sky then cultivating that connection with other being! Shout out to tizi the beauty alchemist.

  9. I had to think about this one awhile….I loved reading what Tizi wrote…She is such a good inspiration of Beauty and Bliss….Alot of what keeps me whole and feeling like I am helping myself is using the formulations that Tizi has made!!!! They are all so gentle and nourishing to my body and mind…especially the lovely Heart to Heart salve I use everyday for calming…Thank you Tizi.

  10. Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL post! For me everything in life is Sacred from my doggie walks in the morning to my Ayurvedic Rituals for Self Care. My most favorite would be oils. Oils for face, oils for body, oils for hair…. One juicy mama!

    xoxo Anita Sundaram

    • Ahhh yes! OIL. In Sanskrit the word “sneha” means both oil and “love”, hence oiling therapies are a sure way to deeply love ourselves and feel BEAUTIFUL!

  11. If only I could find all these ingredients here I would make a wonderful face mask for me.
    Thanks as always for the suggestion.

    • hi manu, don’t you have oats and aloe? perhaps just start with the basics? tizi, you know what is available a milano?

    • Hello Manu! Let’s make a list of what might be available in Milano. How about just Oats and Cream? And maybe Aloe, Honey and Turmeric powder? Reply so we can customize a mask for you!
      Laura, how about a Banyan store in Milano? It’s about time!

      • Laura and Tiziana, thanks for your reply.
        There’s a shop in Milano where maybe I can find these ingredients… I should go there and see. I’ll let you know.
        I can surely make the basic recipe with cream, oat and turmenic and honey…it looks great, easy and funny to be made.
        Have a lovely Sunday.

  12. This is brilliant! I love the phikosophy of beaty being 360 degrees of life. I feel beautiful when I’m garteful and eating well. My days begin with a gratitude practice, Reiki, and pranayama. My diet consists of mostly veggies, fruits, and protein and lots of water and herbal tea. The better I eat, the better I sleep, which shows in the texture of my skin and brightness of my eyes. I also love making natural lotions, tonics, scrubs, and balms to support my “inside” work. There is something special about making my own products. It’s like cooking . . . the ritual makes the products feel more nourishing. Top all that with lots of time in nature with animals and I’m one happy lady. 🙂

  13. With a husband surviving throat cancer and the radiation that was used on his cancer twice, I am learning to awake each day in gratitude for my own daily breath and beating hearts of loved ones. I try to stay open to each unique moment with the clouds, trees, birds, grandchildren, and even the sometimes obnoxious cat that showed up one day to adopt us. When i am grateful and in the here and now…i feel creative, loving ( more lovely too), and inspired to share with those souls that cross my path each day.

    • it sounds like everyone in your life is blessed to have you, even the clouds, trees, birds, and obnoxious cat! thank you margie. blessings of good health to you and your family.

  14. Thank you Tizi what you offer is beautiful.
    I connect and honour my inner beauty every morning with a kundalini practice for women.

  15. Hi mama!
    Eating avocado and applying to my face w/ olive oil (I mash the 2 together and leave in the fridge) for my mask.

    Xo – G

  16. I feel more beautiful sinply reading this 😊❤🌹🦋🐝🌻🌼🌺

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love. The light of your heart shines brightly upon the entire universe Titzi! 🌹❤🌹❤

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