2 Winter Tonics + 10 Tips for a #Ten Year Add the numbers and you get 10. With that as its promise, this year is out of the gates with gusto. We have big dreams, big ideas, big projects and big missions this year, which means we need to re-dedicate ourselves to self-care.

For a year that adds up to 10, here are my top ten self-care practices to get you going with gusto too.

1. Breathe 

“In the early morning when I first wake up, I like to lie in bed for a moment and listen. Silence, bird song, dawn breaking, the day coming alive is always revealing itself in new and loving ways. I take a few deep breaths, feel myself alive, and feel this new day breathing through me. I love this time of day in that numinous placeless place between sleep and wakefulness, dream and presence.” {From Spirituality & Health}

Breathe deep. Breathe slow and full. Breathe light, love and gratitude into your whole being and feel what a miracle you are. Let every inhalation be an affirmation, every exhalation a release, a letting go.

Deep breaths help clear the lungs, oxygenate blood flow and calm the nervous system. We’re doing it every moment – but do it with awareness and it becomes the best medicine you’ve got.

2. Center 

Say a prayer, meditate, write in your journal, visualize a flame at your heart center, or listen to the silence within. See your inner beauty, feel your aliveness, imagine a day full of possibility. Remember, it’s a ten.

3. Enliven

Splash your face with cold water. Cup water to your open eyes to clear & refresh. Fill the palm of one hand with water and hold it to your open eye. Repeat five times, then do the same to the other eye.

Ayurveda says our eyes relate to the liver, making it like a gentle morning detox. Plus, your eyes are the window to your soul, and we all know windows are best when they let the light shine through.

4. Swish

Oral hygiene isn’t complete by the toothbrush alone. For whole-mouth health, spoon an ounce of sesame or coconut oil into your mouth and swish for 15 minutes. Then spit it out and brush.

Want whiter teeth? Do the same with turmeric stirred into the coconut oil. Cleaner breath? Add a drop of tea tree or peppermint oil. Make it fun? Dance in rhythm. Do the Swish.

5. Rejuvenate

Massage your whole body with sesame oil, let it absorb for 15 minutes, then shower.

6. Circulate

Start your day with movement: Yoga, a brisk walk, joyful dance, a swim… and feel your heart pulse with energy and life. We all know it’s necessary. What matters is that it feels so good. 

7. Hydrate

Everything about winter is drying, from the colder temperatures, the brisk winds and the indoor heating. Add the juice of a lemon to a mug of hot water and sip at regular intervals throughout the day, at least every 15 minutes, to keep yourself juicy. Or try my easy recipe below for a morning Winter Wellness Tonic for hydration that is effective, and delicious.

Did you see my 3 New Year Hacks video?  Hydration is one of the “hacks.”

Continue reading 8, 9, and 10 at Yoga Digest {here}.

These self-care practices are really self-love practices. They will help you love you more. That will help you cultivate more love within so you have more love to share. And I hope you will do that, because more than ever the world needs all the love it can get.

Let’s love, and let’s make it a 10!

Morning Winter Wellness Tonic

1/4 c kombucha
1 tangerine
1/4 lemon
2/4 c hot water

Squeeze the juices of the tangerine and lemon into a glass with the kombucha. Add the hot water and enjoy.

Evening Winter Wellness Tonic

1 cup milk, your choice what kind
1/2 t turmeric powder
1/2 t ginger powder
1 small pinch clove buds, cardamom pods and/or fresh grated nutmeg

Boil the milk with the spices and enjoy warm.

Turmeric and Ginger are anti-inflammatory so they are good for so much of what ails us. Ginger is also warming so it boosts digestion and encourages healthy circulation. Nutmeg is sleep-inducing, clove is heating and cardamom is just plain good (plus, it balances blood sugar and aids digestion).

I have four more free tickets to the San Diego Yoga Festival, January 27-30, 2017. I will pick four recipients to receive one each if you let me know you are interested in the comment box below. Thank you!

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23 thoughts on “2 Winter Tonics + 10 Tips for a #Ten Year

  1. Thank you for sharing all of this goodness. My favorite of all your wonderful recipes is still the first one you gave me when we were sitting in your office, ojas rasayan. I have been giving it to my patients lately and it’s alsways so nurturing. Thank you Laura!! I love you!!

    • What “patients”? I’d love to hear what you are up to. Whomever they are, they are lucky to be able to sit with and learn from you. Love you Paigeji.

  2. What a cool idea…using turmeric while oil-pulling to whiten the teeth…I am going to try it! Thank you, Laura! Will we lessen any of the benefits of the Evening Tonic if we add a little sweetener?

    • Not at all Cheryl. A bit of maple syrup is cooling, sweet is heavy so the properties are perfect for evening. Lots of love to you!

  3. Hi Laura,
    Wow, I would love to go…do you know if Veterans can get discounted tickets? Thanks for the posts, I Love seeing them…I’m teaching a Gentle Restorative Yoga Class @ Unity San Diego, Thanks for teaching me to teach this Sacred Practice that gave me back my life! Love & Peace Yogi Tamara. BC Survivor 12yrs

    • Thank you Tamara. You are a powerful inspiration. It is wonderful you are so dedicated to sharing your healing practice with others. You are Love & Peace.

  4. Heres to sweet dreams! 😊 I loved seeing this nighttime tonic. It brought me right back to the Tapovan in Rishikesh. The entire town was filled to the brim so the only place to stay a few nights was with a monk in a room just adjeacent to a small family dwelling with two cows. Just before bedtime I was asked by the monk to approach the family and ask for freshly boiled milk which they gladly gave in exchange for a few rupies. The monk produced his little packets of ginger and turmeric explaining the calming benefits of this super soothing nightcap. I LOVE the addition of clove and cardamom! Especially when I am up past my bedtime studying and I need a soother. I would love to see you at the festival if there’s a ticket left! ॐ शान्तिः

  5. I’d love a ticket my sweet Laura! I’m enjoying lots of ghee added to my meals and warm drinks. I love the inspiration you bring through the beauty of food.
    Many blessings!

  6. Hi Laura,

    On extended sabbatical from teaching yoga for SDCCD, yoga is still very much in my life–and in fact was my lease on life during my months at City of Hope–working to recover from acute leukemia–for which I thank your inspiration and tutelage . I continue a personal gentle deep healing asana practice, while concentrating more fully breathing, meditation, chanting and service. Still, I miss yoga community. Hence this would be a joyful opportunity to begin to reconnect! Namaste.

    • Davida, You have so many gifts! It is wonderful to hear that service is part of your healing, as it must be so healing for so many. Thank you.

  7. Congratulations to Davida, Pamela, Connie and Tamara. I look forward to seeing you at the San Diego Yoga Festival!

  8. I just found your website after finishing Warrior Pose Saved My Life. I loved the book and happy your inspiration will continue for me here.

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