Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

healthy chocolate chip cookies

There is a refreshing quality to the air these days, a longer slant to the afternoon light as the sun quickens the day’s end, and a quiet tranquility in town as children start back to school. All of it makes me want to root, roast, and bake.

Since starting back to school means going off to college for my son, I thought I’d bake up a batch of healthy, teen-approved delicious, cookies and send them off in a care package.

healthiest chocolate chip cookie

Not only are these healthy – full of fiber, protein, anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and spices to boost digestive while reducing blood sugar – they are quick and easy to make. If you have all your ingredients on hand, the batter comes together in about 10 minutes. As it’s all mixed in the blender, cleanup is easy.

And, they are gluten-free, dairy-free, processed sugar-free, so really they are good for anyone.

chocolate chips


healthy chocolate chip cookies

Maybe I should call them a muffin cookie – Muffie? Muffkie? They do come out a bit fuller and more textured than the flat, crisp cookie so many have come to love.  So think of it is a luxurious breakfast or a healthy snack, and then I think your tongue will get the point and fall in love.

One last note: I definitely add the pecans and coconut flakes. It really makes a difference in taste. However, as so many people are allergic to nuts, I wrote it in as an option. I would not consider it optional if you do not have nut allergies.

The Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookies
Makes 24-36, depending on the size

1 c almond milk
2 T lemon juice
8-10 dates, soaked
1 apple, cored
1 c almond meal
1/2 c almond butter
3-4 T coconut oil (or ghee)
1 T maple syrup, optional
2 T flaxseed meal
1 t psyllium husk
1 t vanilla
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t cardamom
1/2 t baking powder
1/4 t pink salt
1 c, or the whole bag, semi-sweet chocolate chips

optional: 1 c pecans, 1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, raisins

Mix the almond milk and lemon juice together in a small bowl and set aside for ten minutes to allow it to clabber.

Set the oven to 350F. Mash the dates in an electric blender. Add the rest of the ingredients except the chocolate chips (and optionals) and blend until well mixed. Toss in the chips, and optionally nuts, seeds, coconut and/or raisins. Pulse gently to lightly mix. Pulse enough to break up the nuts and some of the chips so some of the chocolate mixes into the batter. But don’t pulse too much that you lose the integrity of all the chips.

Spread a piece of parchment paper out on a large baking tray. Using a spoon, scoop the batter into individual cookies on the parchment. The cookies will mostly hold the shape you set, so shape or flatten if you like. Place the baking tray on the middle rack of your oven and bake until the aroma beckons you, usually about 15 minutes.

healthy chocolate chip cookies

Want to make them even healthier? Add half a teaspoon of turmeric and turn them orange.

Want to make them crispier? Add ghee instead of coconut oil, increase the amount to 2 T, and cook a little longer.

Want to make them sweeter without compromising health? Add two more dates, or another tablespoon of maple syrup.

Want to make them even more delectable? Melt a bar of very dark chocolate in a small saucepan. Add a small pinch of cardamom or cinnamon, and a tiny drizzle of maple syrup, then pour it over each cookie as a kind of icing. It’s sumptuous!

chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookie pan

Please tell me how you like these cookies, and if you do like them, I’d be honored if you’d share. Post your photos with #myfoodlovestory so we all can see and enjoy. When I see your photos of food-alovestory recipes it makes me feel like we are all in the kitchen together enjoying our “mother’s” love.

Thank you & Namaste!


32 thoughts on “Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Wow, amazing recipe!!! Thank you Laura for your friendship and your constant giving of what’s pure! XO

  2. I took these to my friends behind the counter at the climbing gym tonight. One is a less-than-satisfied gluten free baking advocate. Everyone was totally blown away. Flavor, texture, nutrition (and love!) These cookies have it all! Thanks for sharing 🙏

    • Thanks Aaron for being a kitchen tester. Your enthusiasm for love created, light sweetened divine nourishment is infectious. Climb on!

    • I hope you know how much you’ve inspired me with this recipe. A couple of years ago, on a post where I mentioned experimenting with gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, Vegan Paleo cookies, you left a comment mentioning something about the alchemical chemistry of cooking butter, flour and sugar together that creates a unique caramelly sweetness… As I thought that, I realized nature does that with dates! And felt there must be a way of achieving something similar with nature’s own alchemy of light, carbon and time… So thank you for always being a great inspiration in so many ways. I hope you do like the cookies when you are free to.

  3. I absolutely love these cookies! Mine turned out a bit too soft so next time I’m going to try ghee instead of coconut oil. Thank you so much, Laura, for yet another amazing recipe!

    • Thank you Janet! Sometimes a flatten them with my coconut oiled fingers or the back of a spoon and cook them a bit longer. Ghee will probably make them more delicious. Love to you!

    • Well, in Ayurveda, we would say they are mostly sweet-tasting, giving the nutritional value of building, tonifying and cooling. They are a very healthy sweet, good for muscles, bones, nerves, brain, reproductive tissue and immune. Thanks for asking that!

  4. Laura, these delicious and I’m looking forward to trying them. Can you share what type of semi sweet chocolate chips would be a good choice. Are you using the regular brands or a specific type of more natural chip?

    • Hi Erika, I don’t remember the type I used, but always conscious, organic, low sugar. I think they’d work with anything really. Thanks!

  5. Hi Laura, can’t wait to try these ‘love bombs’ with my kids! Thank you for sharing such a delicious looking recipe 🙂 Can I ask, what are you thoughts on the best foods for adrenal fatigue from an Ayurvedic perspective? Much love from Australia xx

    • Hi Melanie, Best foods for adrenal fatigue would be all those that cultivate Ojas, and reduce Vata. You can go to the cloud tag on the right and click on those words to find recipes that fit. But as you know, the very best is lots of rest. Productive rest can be facilitated with guided relaxation recordings. Do you have my Yoga Nidra, or Point of Light meditation? They are on my website I know this is tough when you have children, but they may appreciate “Nap time with Mummy!” Lots of love.

      • Hi Laura, Thank you so much! I can’t wait to check it all out. I’ve actually been meaning to do a Yoga Nidra for a while now, so now excuses now for me… 🙂 I just jumped over to your website and tried to complete the dosha questionnaire too…but it isn’t working for me. Is there a chance you could email me a direct link? Much love xx

  6. These were a delightful surprise of texture and flavor. I think perhaps, I used too big of a juicy apple because my batter was wet. It was quickly corrected by using more almond flour. These were a huge success with some friends who popped by for coffee and tea opt his past Friday morning. This recipe is a KEEPER! Thank you!

  7. When this recipe first posted I was ready to jump in to make them for my son who also was away for his first semester of college. However, I opted for the tried and true recipe with flour since sending them a distance. Today, he is home and asking me for an Ayurvedic cookie recipe! Well, this is the one I quickly referred him to. I’ll post again after he makes them!

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