My Ayurvedic Summer Cleanse


My Ayurvedic Summer Cleanse starts August 13. It’s five days of recipes, meal plans, guidance and Ayurvedic principles to cultivate wellness in this season when excess heat threatens to overwhelm, fatigue and deplete.

As soon as you register, you receive the Summer Cleanse Booklet that has helped so many reset their gut and general health, plus a new summer cleanse supplemental booklet with fresh recipes and modifications for your dosha. Above all, you will receive more live personal guidance from me than ever (including videos, phone-ins, and a one hour group coaching session).

You can check out the details and register here to get your head start.

***Or, you can head over to Banyan Botanical’s Insight Blog to read my article The Summer Six: Cool Foods for a Cool Summer and enter to win the Cleanse for free.  

This summer we have some great giveaways for registering:Ayurveda Cleanse Kit

  1. Banyan Botanical’s Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit free to one of the first ten people to register.
  2. OM Matters’s Gorgeous Dhyana Topsom matters t to one of the first 20 people to register.
  3. A free Training session with my personal Trainer, the extraordinary Ethyanne Ochoa (in person or by Facetime) to one person picked from everyone who registers.
    ethyanne (1)
  4. My new Points of Light Yoga Nidra (guided visualization) for everyone who signs up by Saturday August 13.

Plus, I have discounts on all of the above for everyone who registers, so everyone wins and everyone gets to enjoy sumptuous, summer abundance.

I invite you to join me, and I wish you deep peace in these waning days of summer.

With love always, Namaste!


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