Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Beloved friends, I hope you are resting and enjoying this final day of 2014. The Chinese year of the horse has been quite a gallop, hasn’t it? Yet when we look back, there is so much to be thankful for. Most of all, that we have each other – a conscious, loving community of soulful, heart-centered people nourishing the world with mindfulness, presence, love.

I personally have felt so supported this year. So today I really want to pause and give thanks to all who support me, and who support the ways I love and grow and thrive – through friendship, showing up in a class, dropping me a line, showering me with smiles, reading this blog, or sharing a simple meal. I am so fortunate to live the beauty I love, to paraphrase Rumi, and it is due mostly to you, my community of beloved friends and divine souls.

chocolate tart with raspberries and pear coulis

So, today I give thanks for you.

Here is my gift. A little bite of sweet, tart, rich, light up the new year deliciousness. You can make it right now in ten minutes if you have a bar of dark chocolate (who doesn’t after the holidays?) and a basket of fresh raspberries in your pantry. You can actually make it with any fruit, but raspberries are gorgeous for the color, and a tart contrast to the creamy chocolate.

As for the chocolate, I used what remained of a Scharffenberger 70% bittersweet dark chocolate baking bar. You can use anything, just keep it dark – for beauty, for taste, for balance, and for all those anti-aging antioxidants.

chocolate berry tart

Chocolate Raspberry Tart
Serves 8-10

5-6 ounces dark chocolate  (there’s a good list of some of the best here)
1 T coconut oil
1 basket fresh raspberries, rinsed and pat dry
1 teaspoon lemon juice
dustings of cinnamon, cardamom


a scharffenberger baking bar

Break up the chocolate and very gently melt it over a low flame watching it carefully and stirring constantly, or use a double boiler to be safe. You want to be sure you are only melting the chocolate – not cooking it, and certainly not burning it.

Warm a tart pan, and coat with the coconut oil. Pour in your melted chocolate and spread evenly across the pan. Lightly set your raspberries on the chocolate with their points facing up. Completely cover with berries. Carefully cover with another pie pan, then refrigerate to set.

Remove from the refrigerator at least ten minutes before serving so the chocolate softens enough to be able to cut and serve without breaking. Once plated, dust with cardamom, cinnamon. A dollop of yogurt is good with this and makes a beautiful contrast of light and dark.

I served it with the pear coulis below, which can be spooned over the tart, or stirred with sparkling water for a New Year’s fizz.

red berry chocolate tart

Pear Coulis Sparkler
Serves 3-4

1 pear
1-2 tablespoon lemon juice

Puree the pear with the lemon juice in your blender. You might need to add a teaspoon of water just to get it to puree, but try not to add too much water, nor to over blend. If you do it will turn brown which is less pretty, although every bit as delicious.

Add 2-3 spoons of pear coulis to a glass of sparkling water – or omit the lemon, and add to champagne.

pear coulis bubbly

raspberry pear bubbly

I wish you and your loved ones every joy this coming year.
Let’s remember: we have everything it takes, and we are the ones to light the world with love.

Happy New Year!

Thank you always! 


14 thoughts on “Chocolate Raspberry Tart

  1. Laura, I love love love that you feel supported, in a raspberry & chocolates kind of way. That makes my heart smile. In a giant way!


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  2. Oh, Laura, you are that dark chocolatey, berry goodness packed with beauty, bliss and love! These are actually my favorite sweets married together 😉 Whether near or far you have this one-of-a kind Laura magic of being present in spirit all the time and showing up when it really counts. I love you and I celebrate your enormous gifts in my life and in the world!

  3. It can’t get much more delightful than this chocolate tart. And what a great idea to flavor water with this pear coulis. So simple, I really should make more of an effort in the drink department. 😉 I hope you have a very joyful and nourishing start to the new year, Laura!

  4. What a blessing to have you as a sister, friend. The presentation is enough to satisfy my appetite. With love and blessisng my dear princess

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