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Not too long ago, my Ayurvedic mentor/doctor had me add a little something to my evening routine, and it has made all the difference.


It was all about, well, a delicate subject… proper elimination. The formula he gave me came in tablets from India, which would be hard for anyone to replicate at home. Fortunately, in her Ayurvedic Fat Fighters series on Doctor Oz, another western doctor with Ayurvedic expertise, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, touts something she calls a “Triphala Treat,” which offers similar benefits.


Dr. Kulreet’s Triphala Treat is just 1 t ground flax seed, 1 t psyllium husks, 1/2 t triphala powder.  If you stir this into almond milk warmed with cardamom, and a little honey if needed, you will have a sweet natural laxative tonic that is also rejuvenative, detoxifying, dosha-balancing, and sleep-inducing. In fact, the Charaka Samhita, one of the great treatises on Ayurveda, states, “One who fully knows how to use Triphala can rectify any imbalance.”

You can purchase Triphala powder from many healthy food stores where it is usually  sold in tablet form, which can be ground into powder. I prefer Banyan Botanicals, because their products pass the highest standards for integrity, safety, sustainability. Plus, Banyan sells Ayurvedic herbs in powder form, according to tradition.

Smooth Move Tonic

This tonic is to be enjoyed in the evening as a “bedtime treat.” In fact, if you are already making this Deep Sleep Tonic in the evening, just add the Triphala Treat directly to your blender and keep it running for a minute or two to will gently warm your tonic, without having to heat it on the stove. It saves a lot on cleanup.

The tonic is generally tri-doshic, but Pitta seems to find it most helpful. Pitta is heat with water. Hot water rises and evaporates. The earth element pulls that heat down, and in the case of this recipe, down and out. Addressing the third stage of digestion ~ elimination, it’s a tonic that helps you wake up feeling lighter, balanced, regular, free.

I’d love to do an informal survey to find out how beneficial this is on a broad scale, so if you try it and like the results, let me know with a simple “yes” in the comment section below. If you know your dosha, add that too. Knowledge is power. Together we can make our lives, and in that the world, a healthier place for all.

Thank you!


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  1. I’ll have to get the ingredients and try this. I don’t like what I’m using now for fiber in the morning. I also take triphala at night in pill form. Love you. M

  2. Look forward to giving the tonic a whirl and adding my thoughts to the survey.

    In care you are not aware, People’s carries Triphala powder in the bulk herb section.

  3. Love this suggestion and will order ingredients, try it, and report back. Vara/pita Barb

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  5. I’m just now finding this — what a creamy, delicious adaptation to Dr. Kulreet’s Triphala Treat! (which is a real miracle, when needed). Thank you, darling Lauraji!

  6. I have no psyllium at this moment, but I have everything else and this is lovely to drink this moment before bedtime. I have added Ashwagandha and Shatavari, as I am recovering from a miscarriage in ninth week. Add to this slow/no bowel movements – really uncomfortable! Hopefully this will aid me and I will keep you posted. I am Vata/Pitta.

    • Dear Camilla, I am sorry to hear of your miscarriage. So glad though to hear you are taking good care of yourself. With Ashwagandha and Shatavari it will be so wonderful. Will you add a bit of jaggery, or maple syrup? For extra strength… Please let me know how it goes. Your baby was lucky to have nine weeks with you. Sending you love!

      • Dear Laura. Your comment brought the tears to my eyes – thank you for the beautiful words in a rough time. I have a strong need to nourish my body and (maybe opposite of many) I appreciate my body for having dealt with this in such a peaceful and complete way – I do not need medical intervention. I have my 4 year old son to care for as well. I think many do not realize the hurt this event brings and there is so little guidance on how to get back to good health after this. I am grateful for ayurveda! Maybe a bit of maple sirup could do well. I will let you know. Namaste

        • Yes, it is a major loss. And one you so often have to bear alone. I am with you in love and send prayers for full restoration of all health. Lots of love.

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