How to Make a Dosa


I am really excited about this. Today I’ve done something I never thought I would. I have to share it because now I know you can do it, too. It started at Bhakti Fest, where we always have lunch at … Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Sunscreen


Did you know that plants produce their own SPF to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun? And did you know that you can harness that for your own natural, nature-loves-you sunscreen? Continue reading

Toasted Turmeric Tofu Salad

summer salad with turmeric tofu

Tossed with sweet beets and bitter greens, this toasted turmeric tofu salad gives you the six tastes you need for a perfect pitta-reducing, seasonal-balancing, savory symphony of flavors in this ultimate summer salad. Continue reading